Our chef invites you to discover unique flavors.

The tavern restaurant

The tavern is furnished in a rustic style. It proposes excellent Istrian food and wines. The rustic aspect is due to the incorporated stones and natural stone fireplace. All the furniture matches with a warm atmosphere. In the pleasant atmosphere of the tavern the songs of the region are listened, while you enjoy the local istrian food. From the multitude of the gastronomic delights, those of the Mediterranean climate are emphasized: Istrian ham, cheese in oil, served with excellent wines from vineyards treated ecologically, salted sardines, capers, extra virgin olivstonee oil.

Internal restaurant

The internal Restaurant and tavern offer covered about 60 people. The bar divides the restaurant from the Tavern but they are all unique space. This rustic-looking restaurant is a pleasant surprise you will be able to enjoy in the Villa Gloria. You can choose to dine by candlelight in a stone - built Taverna or Restaurant as well as outside on the terrace. The waiters are hospitable, speak different languages and provide valuable advice on specialties you should try during your stay in Villa Gloria.


Try the flavors of Istria

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