Tennis camp

Tennis Camp


We are a small tennis camp open to all age categories with an utmost dedication to help you advance personally and in the sport we all love.


We want to offer a small tennis camp that will take a more intimate approach to each individual. We want to help you advance all aspects needed for your game and at the same time give you all the care and attention that is often absent in larger training facilities.


The tennis camp is located at a small family owned Hotel in the North-Western part of the Istria peninsula in Croatia. Accommodation capacity of 40 rooms, 4 newly build tennis courts, a swimming pool and a fitness room all at your disposal. Nearest Airports: Pula 53km, Trieste 72km and Rijeka 101km.

What we offer?

Our camp has 3 predetermined programs with both intensive and semi-intensive training schedules. However, we always look forward to create an individually suited training program so personally adjusted options are available.


Our camp is organized at the following dates: